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“Infinite” Movie Trailer

Here’s the new trailer for a film written and directed by my friend and fellow Temple Owl Dan Speers.  The production value on this bad boy is crazy.  It’s definitely light years beyond any student film I’ve ever seen (pun not intended).

On a sort-of related note, here’s a good song.


GQ Barbershop Commercial

Here’s a commercial a couple of my friends and collaborators, BMack and Connor, put together for our buddy Andy’s barbershop.  Shout outs to dashing star AJ and my brother Frank for the corny voiceover. That large-chested woman at the end did a terrific job as well.

Lifeguard on Duty Trailer

Here’s a trailer for a short mockumentary I made over the summer, “Lifeguard on Duty.” It’s playing tomorrow (3/24) at the Indie Louies Film Festival at Brandeis University, where it’s nominated for Best Comedy, Screenplay and Directing (I have no idea how this happened). So if you happen to be in the Massachusetts area tomorrow, check it out!

The greatest “Survivor” audition tape ever made

Fresh off graduating college and terrified of entering the workforce, my friend Karl decided to try out for “Survivor.”  So we whipped up a little audition tape.

Case File Number 2

This is a little something my friends and I cooked up for the Providence 48 hour Film Festival a few years ago.  For those who aren’t up on their tiny film festivals, this one gives you several guidelines of what have to appear in your movie and you have 48 hours to write, shoot and edit it.  We weren’t exactly editing afficianados at this point, so that part took us about 2 months.  Whoops.  Funnyordie is being a bit of a bitch and won’t let me embed it, so here it is: Case File Number 2

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