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So how bout that group project?

I gotta admit, when I first heard about our group blog I was a little weary.  Especially hearing that we were going to attempt to relate it all back to Temple University.  I thought it would come off as forced.  Our classmates write blog about a wide variety of subjects and I didn’t honestly see them all fitting together.  Selfishly, I wondered what the hell I would write since I had stuck to movies and sports for most of my material.  I knew I didn’t want to write about Temple films (because then I’d have to watch them. Self-zing!) and with basketball season well over I didn’t have any other Temple teams I followed available for a write-up.

Much to my surprise, this Temple Alive thing turned out pretty legit!  Nobody seemed to be bogged down by the Temple theme and everything actually looked like it belonged together.  I even got to write about movies by throwing in some bullshit about being a Temple film major at the beginning!  With all the diverse subjects and minds involved, I think we really personified the “Building 20” theory.  All those crazy kids in one classroom led to some great brainstorming sessions and it was really helpful to get a feel for what everyone else was doing and how I could fit in.

It’s clear that everyone’s hard work paid off on this one because now we can all say we’ve contributed to a professional (looking) blog.  Hats off to the design team for that; it looks awesome.  We’ve even got over 1500 followers! (Although I think Amy somehow pimped the system on that one.  Whatever, numbers don’t lie).  Overall, I’m counting this project as a success.  Even if nobody’s liked my post yet (dicks).


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