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TED 2023

We’ve been watching a lot of TED Talks in class, so I went way out of my way and dug up one from the future.  This is Guy Pearce in his Peter Weyland character from the upcoming “Prometheus” giving a TED Talk in the year 2023.  My only question is, are people in the year 2023 really that oblivious to pure evil?  This guy just oozes slimy British villain and these people are eating it up like he’s got a cure for cancer. Get with it, future-people.


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2 thoughts on “TED 2023

  1. This was a hilarious TED talk. I had only really heard of TED once before this class and now I seem to be seeing videos all the time. I saw a video on the chemicals involved in love in my Psych class and of course all the ones we’ve seen here.

  2. If you find yourself getting way too into TED talks, I’ve also noticed several collections on Netflix streaming. Ya know, if you get tired of all the random/unknown movies they have to offer

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