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GQ Barbershop Commercial

Here’s a commercial a couple of my friends and collaborators, BMack and Connor, put together for our buddy Andy’s barbershop.  Shout outs to dashing star AJ and my brother Frank for the corny voiceover. That large-chested woman at the end did a terrific job as well.


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3 thoughts on “GQ Barbershop Commercial

  1. This commercial makes me scared to get my hair cut. It seems to say barbers have mastered suggestive hypnosis via hair styles, and if you cross them they will trick random women into eating your face.
    Also might want to get a sound guy to look at the audio at the end. You’re getting this kinda echo thing going on. I hear doing recordings in a cramped space, like a closet can lessen or negate that. Make it sound more professional and stuff.

  2. I was going to bring my boys there for a cut today but this “commercial” spooked me out of it….eww.

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