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Life After

Life After

            The tennis ball looked stupid to him.  Fucking fuzzy green hairs.  Couldn’t it just be smooth?  Surely a smooth ball would not greatly affect the game of tennis.  No, he remembered, there was a reason for it.  Aerodynamics or something mundane.  It was all mundane now.

Dinner didn’t fare much better for Joe.  His favorite steakhouse, with his closest friends, plus William.  Joe never cared much for William.  He cared even less now.  Paul made a quip about playing with fuzzy balls rather than examining them.  Joe just carved his steak.

How could this be?  How could one night suck the joy out of the rest of your life?  At only 34, Joe had a lot of joyless life in front of him.  Could he really have peaked?

“More whiskey,” he told the server.

On the cab ride home, Joe ran through his list of life accomplishments in his head- not something he did often before last week.  This was the third time today.  Let’s see- fourth grade spelling champion, fifth grade runner up.  All-state lacrosse junior and senior year.  In college, he graduated in the tope five percent.  He’d had plenty of girls.  He’d won a coveted position at one of the top investment firms in New York- moved up quick, too.  There were other accomplishments of course.  Joe had done well in his life.  Then there was last week’s achievement.  He had done it and now he was sure he could never top it.  Joe found joy in nothing anymore.

He went home and sex with his wife.  He did not enjoy it, but this was no particular curiosity since he had not enjoyed it for over a year now.  Whiskey dick would be an easy scapegoat, but he had only had five or six drinks.  Or was it seven?

It wasn’t guilt either.  He was fairly certain she was fucking Paul anyway.  And cheating was nothing new to Joe.  It wasn’t that he caught feelings for either of the girls- it’s just that, well, two girls at one time cannot be topped.  And where does life go after the threesome?


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