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A Story About the Body

This was an assignment for a creative writing class in which we had to re-imagine this poem by Robert Hass. 

A Story About the Body

They met at the watering hole.  From the first time he saw her, he knew he had to have her.  Her legs seemed to him insurmountable.  Her neck, that long neck, was the loveliest thing he had ever seen.  He knew what the others would think but he didn’t care.  He was in love.  They went for a run that day.  He liked that she kept pace.  At night, as he gazed longingly at her extensive body, she finally spoke.  “This could never work,” and when he didn’t understand, “I’m a giraffe you idiot.  The sheer physics of it are impossible.”  And she left the lion in silence.  The next morning, she found at her feet- he must have made the kill at dawn- the severed head of a large antelope.


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One thought on “A Story About the Body

  1. Was that class Creative Acts? I took it last semester, and we read this poem! We didn’t have to reimagine it though, that I recall. I was trying to get organized, so I tossed most of my stuff from that class, but I still have a copy of A Story of the Body on my desk. I found it very intriguing. For some reason, it makes me think of avocados, and I don’t know why!

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