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Movies you should see this year, according to me

It’s that time of year again. The weather is getting warmer, the clothes are getting skimpier, and Hollywood’s getting ready to drop some motherfucking thunder at your local theater.  Yes sir, blockbuster season is upon us.  It started this weekend (sorry, John Carter) with the much-anticipated release of The Hunger Games, starring that hot girl from X-Men Oscar-nominated actress Jennifer Lawrence.  No, I will not be seeing that young-adult novel mularkey, but in honor of Jennifer, I sat down to write my “most anticipated movies of summer” list.  Thing is, I hit a little snag along the way: I’m not anticipating a whole lot of movies this summer.  So unless I was going to include sure-to-be classics like Piranha 3DD (like boobs! Get it?!) and G.I. Joe: Retaliation, I had to expand my list to include the entire year. (To be fair, G.I. Joe’s strategy of killing off the entire cast of the original and replacing them with The Rock can only lead to great things).

This flower had a stem once... then it dissed Phantom Menace

Since we all know January/February is the traditional Hollywood dumping ground for misfit movies, I think it’s safe to say I haven’t missed much by starting this list in March (special shout-out to January’s The Grey, 1. for being a kick-ass movie and 2. so Liam Neeson doesn’t go all Liam Neeson on me on the off chance he surfs unpopular college blogs for perceived slights and unfavorable reviews.  I have a sinking feeling he does).  So without further ado, my ten most anticipated movies of 2012: Read more…


Lifeguard on Duty Trailer

Here’s a trailer for a short mockumentary I made over the summer, “Lifeguard on Duty.” It’s playing tomorrow (3/24) at the Indie Louies Film Festival at Brandeis University, where it’s nominated for Best Comedy, Screenplay and Directing (I have no idea how this happened). So if you happen to be in the Massachusetts area tomorrow, check it out!

Life After

Life After

            The tennis ball looked stupid to him.  Fucking fuzzy green hairs.  Couldn’t it just be smooth?  Surely a smooth ball would not greatly affect the game of tennis.  No, he remembered, there was a reason for it.  Aerodynamics or something mundane.  It was all mundane now.

Dinner didn’t fare much better for Joe.  His favorite steakhouse, with his closest friends, plus William.  Joe never cared much for William.  He cared even less now.  Paul made a quip about playing with fuzzy balls rather than examining them.  Joe just carved his steak.

How could this be?  How could one night suck the joy out of the rest of your life?  At only 34, Joe had a lot of joyless life in front of him.  Could he really have peaked?

“More whiskey,” he told the server.

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A Story About the Body

This was an assignment for a creative writing class in which we had to re-imagine this poem by Robert Hass. 

A Story About the Body

They met at the watering hole.  From the first time he saw her, he knew he had to have her.  Her legs seemed to him insurmountable.  Her neck, that long neck, was the loveliest thing he had ever seen.  He knew what the others would think but he didn’t care.  He was in love.  They went for a run that day.  He liked that she kept pace.  At night, as he gazed longingly at her extensive body, she finally spoke.  “This could never work,” and when he didn’t understand, “I’m a giraffe you idiot.  The sheer physics of it are impossible.”  And she left the lion in silence.  The next morning, she found at her feet- he must have made the kill at dawn- the severed head of a large antelope.

Poetry?! Yeah, I did it

2 Poems about Rhode Island

March 2010

Grounders underwater

Pop flies splash

The river runneth over

Dow Field

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