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Mash City

Mash-ups.  Despite the fact that they usually come out sounding like complete trash and/or making zero sense, they have taken over the party music scene.  Personally, you may have guessed, I’m not a big fan.  I actually despise most mash-up songs.  They usually come off sounding like either an unnecessary pairing of two perfectly fine separate songs or a brutal disservice to one good song by slamming it together with a not-so-good song.  

This guy doesn't like mash-ups

But personal tastes aside, I can’t say I disapprove of the practice as a whole.  Sure, it doesn’t take nearly the artistic talent as making up your own original song, but it does take at least some musical sense.  Girl Talk may be profiting solely off other real artists’ work, but the guy figured out certain arrangements that (somehow) people want to hear.  So good for him.  Just like I’m not mad at Soulja Boy for putting out horrible music and making money off of it, I’m not going to get upset about someone finding a way to be successful using others’ music.  So while some people may get upset about sampling, mashing up of songs, what have you (looking at you, curmudgeons of the world) the bottom line is these people figured a way to make it work.  And you can’t knock the hustle.


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2 thoughts on “Mash City

  1. amylynnfiore on said:

    I agree, I’m all about the “coolness” of a mash-up. Speaking specially about music, I love hearing a good combination of songs, but when I hear one that DOES NOT WORK, it completely turns me off. I would rather have the satisfaction of two legitimate good songs than the dysfunctional mash-up that serves on justice to the art. My favorite are the ones that are made every year of the best songs from that time …. I ❤ them =p

  2. You raise some good points about mash up artists. Creating music using two famous songs hardly seems like creating at all, but putting together songs from different generations, genres, time periods, etc., I feel is worthy of being considered an ‘art form’. Im a huge fan of mash ups and have personally partied with “Girl Talk” and let me tell you Greg Gillis is a class act. Graduated with a degree in biomedical engineering. Mash up artists are just another take on what is considering music. Did I ever think Led Zepplin and Dem Franchise Boyz would ever go together?? HELLL nooo but when it works its sweet. I’m not saying you’re wrong or anything just offering a different perspective on the genre that is mash up mixes.

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