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I don’t read too good no more

We’ve talked a lot about how the web has affected our reading habits, and for the most part I’d have to agree with what Nicholas Carr is saying.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say the internet is making us stupid (cuz I’m smart as shit), but I have definitely noticed my own reading tendencies taking a dip.  It’s not that I can’t read anymore, it’s that I don’t.

I remember when I was a young kid, probably in middle school, I would run through Harry Potter books in a matter of days.  I would read them for hours on end, I probably finished at least one of them in less than 24 hours.  Then one day, after reading the first four books like a full-fledged Hogwarts addict, I just stopped reading them. Had no interest in continuing Harry’s journey.  Now this could be because I suddenly realized going into high school that reading Harry Potter books wasn’t very cool (then those damn movies came out and made them cool again and suddenly I’m the loser who hasn’t seen the Harry Potter movies. Well, I watched the first one and it sucked. I’m sticking by that), but after reading Carr I decided I’m going to blame it on the internet. It can’t be a coincidence that I stopped reading novels around the same age I started cruising the world wide web.

So although reading novels for pleasure is pretty much a thing of the past for Little, I have to say that when it comes down to business, I can still read big wordy literature if I have to.  In fact, almost as if to prove Carr wrong, I went home and read a Sherlock Holmes novel for class for 5 straight hours.  I can’t imagine doing this in my free time, but since it had to be done I made it happen.  So I would argue that the internet hasn’t actually harmed our ability to read at length, it more likely harmed our desire to.


What up world?

First post time… here it comes… here it comes… here!

Whoa this blogging thing is exciting! So here’s a little bit about me: my name is Kyle; I am a senior film major here at Temple.  My goal with this arguably foolish choice of major is to become a screenwriter.  Write for TV, write movies, whatever.  I’ve written a bunch of short scripts and I am currently working on my first feature-length screenplay (along with a million other wannabe screenwriters in the world).  As anyone who has dabbled in screenwriting can tell you, it’s a very rigid form of writing.  Lots of “rules” to follow, very specific formatting and structure, basically not a lot of freedom if you ever want to get your script made.  So I figured I’d branch out a bit in my last semester here and take a bunch of different writing courses (plus I accidently took the maximum amount of film credits already; I’m not one for planning ahead).  I’ve dabbled in writing short stories and things of that nature, but beyond class assignments I haven’t done much article writing, although it interests me. So here I am!

I’m originally from Rhode Island and still live there when I’m not getting my schoolin’ here in Philly.  As a proud New Englander, I dutifully love all my Boston sports teams but ranking them purely on love of the sport I’d say Patriots/Red Sox are tied at the top, followed by Celtics, Bruins and the New England Revolution (that last one by default, I could care less about MLS soccer).  I’ll admit I don’t read as many books as I should, but I’m currently reading “Rat Bastards,” a memoir by John “Red” Shea, who was Whitey Bulger’s protege and refused to rat when the organization came tumbling down (needless to say he’s a little salty about the whole “Whitey being an FBI informant” thing).  Good book!  My favorite writer is Bill Simmons a.k.a The Sports Guy, who writes for ESPN and his own site grantland.com, which I highly recommend to fans of sports or pop culture writing.  Other sites I frequent include /Film for all my movie news, HipHopDX to find the latest hot jamz (and currently to follow the Common/Drake beef, which I couldn’t be happier about. Get ’em Com!) and yes, even Brobible.com.  Admittedly the writers here can be pretty douchey but they post links to all the stuff I like (sports clips and stories, hot girls, funny videos and all that random goodness that the internet has to offer) so I can put up with commentary.  I can’t put up with the comments though; the people who read that site are fucking morons. Wait, what does this say about me?  I guess I’ll stop here.

…and there it goes.

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